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Our Open Policy with the Maritime Insurance Company allows us to provide the insurance coverage that you require - from "All Risks" to "FPA" at very favorable rates.

Insurance is a very necessary cost when moving your freight. Consider, for example, the photograph at right, the load was "secured" by the shipper themselves. After obviously falling about all over the place, bottles of liquid contained inside the boxes leaked into the floor of the container, requiring the whole floor to be replaced. When the obligatory legal matters were settled, the shipper lost their product, they paid court costs, the HAZMAT clean up and destruction costs, our costs to freight the container to destination, storage costs, and the replacement of the container floor, all because they refused insurance.

We PLACE insurance with the insurance company, meaning that we (ourselves) do not insure your freight (the Maritime Insurance Company does). The money DOES NOT come from our account (should you have a claim), nor will we cancel or reduce the freight invoice, should you suffer loss and/or damage to your shipment. Only if you have been invoiced for insurance, and we have been paid our full invoice amount, will we work on your claim. At that point, the insurance company will either want proof of a lost shipment, or send an adjuster to view the damage. They will then place blame with whomever lost, or damaged the freight, and you will be paid the claim amount by the insurance company. The insurance company then subrogates against those that caused the loss/damage. Again, we do not work on a claim unless we invoiced you for insurance, and our invoice has been fully paid, and we receive written notification of the amount of damage/loss.

Remember the reason why you insure your car, your house, your life - just in case something bad happens. Without insurance, you get very little more than sympathy. The same is true of your shipments; however, in many extreme cases, you not only lose your cargo and its entire value, but you pay for the loss of the container, the freight cost to get it to destination (regardless of whether it got there or not), the fines resulting for not delivering on time, and you might also pay a percentage of the total loss that others suffered (in the case of an airline going down, or a steamship vessel sinking or getting beached like these shown here). Professional Export Services arranges to move your cargo, and pays the lines to ensure that your freight is released when it gets to destination; however, if there is a mishap, invoices will not be cancelled - you are still required to pay the full invoice amount, regardless of the condition that cargo arrives in (even if it DOESN'T arrive).